Marco Barotti

Main Expo



The Woodpeckers transform in real time the invisible radiations used for mobile communication and wireless technology into audible and visible acoustic drumming patterns. The sonic result is a generative acoustic composition which undergoes constant transformation. A live soundscape which resonates as invading drum ensemble into urban and natural environments.

Co-produced by: 
In Situ, Lieux Public, Bildstörung Festival, La Strada Graz, Oerol Festival, Arts and Theatre Institute,

Funded by: 
Ministry of Culture and Science of the Federal State of Northrhein-Westfalia, City of Detmold, SACD / Auteurs d’Espaces, 

Supported by: 
Phoenix Contact, Audio Ag, RME, Gigahertz Solutions, Dayton Audio

Concept: Marco Barotti, 
Oil extérieur & photos: Anna Anderegg 
Assistant: Pim Boreel


Marco Barotti is a media artist based in Berlin. After music studies at the Siena Jazz Academy, he began merging sound with visual art, focusing on interventions in urban and natural surroundings. His work has been exhibited internationally in NGBK Gallery (Berlin), Saatchi Gallery (London), Würth Museum (La Rioja) Futurium (Berlin) List í Ljósi Light Festival (Iceland), Lisboa Soa (Lisbon), Nuit Blanche (Brussels), Emaf (Osnabrück, DE), Polytech Festival (Moscow), Platoon Mexico City and Urban Lights Ruhr (Hamm, DE).