CReaTE / ex-VVV pand


Our group name is called “kabi-kun(st)” for a reason: kabi in Japanese means mold. You read it right: we want to grow mold and make art out of it.

When you think about mold, you will probably think about the gross green stuff that emerges from your bread when you leave it in your bag for too long. Not only does it look disgusting, the smell is also quite repulsive. These two reasons are why people generally want to get rid of mold as soon as they see it. Which is a shame, because mold can actually be quite beautiful when you take a closer look. We want to show you how interesting it can look by growing real mold in petri dishes and showing them (magnified) in our installation. This way, we will hopefully change your view or opinion about molds and maybe you will take a close look at it!

Our installation is a wooden construction that is positioned on eye height. In the construction, there are acryl (transparent) plates that have the mold attached to them, and these plates can be moved horizontally. We want to use the transparency of the plates. When all the plates are aligned behind each other, it will make one big mold artwork. Below is a picture with a simple sketch of how it would look like.

Mold (of fungus) is essential in our ecosystem. They are crucial because they break down dead or decaying organisms by decomposing them naturally, and are also a source of nitrogen.  They are not plants or animals, they are from a different kingdom just like yeasts and mushrooms. Their mobility relies on their growth (they grow very quickly) and their ‘spores’ can also be spread by the wind. It can be found everywhere and in different shades and textures.