Binary is For Computers



Do you make your own decisions? Do you know enough to make a decision? Do you feel like you must choose a side? Do you even have to make a decision at all?

In life we encounter a lot of dilemmas and decisions. Some of them are hard and some of them are easy. Some decisions have to be made, some do not.

What distinguishes people from computers is that a computer is forced to choose whereas a human can choose nót to choose. A human can doubt things where a computer can only know things for sure, in the form of a 0 or a 1. Our installation emphasises the beauty of the human mind, which is capable of being in doubt and dares to be grey in times of black and white thinking. Telling more about the installation will spoil the experience, therefore we invite you to take a look inside.


  • questions about descisiommaking
  • Dilemmas
  • People vs compiter