The Garden of Eden

We are 3D3N. We are unsatisfied with this world.

That is why we created a new world! A world, designed by humans. Nature doesn’t know right or wrong, but us humans like to think we do! In this new world anyone can be in control of creating new life. The collective then chooses whether or not this new life lives or dies. We want to make you experience the impact of bringing something to life. Genetic engineering is still lacking social and legal controls, so what will happen if we leave it up to you?


With our installation we want to test you in creating new live and in the regulation of the genetic manipulation. Our installation setup consists of three main parts. Once you walk through the gate, you are greeted by the Garden of Eden, our new world. If you look to your right you can see a Virtual Reality setup. In the VR environment, new life is created. This new life takes shape as a creature! While in the VR simulation, your creature will be formed in front of you when you grab DNA fragments and connect them together.


Different limbs or other body parts are added to your creature as you attach more DNA-fragments. Once your creature is complete, which you have to decide for yourself, the collective will vote whether it lives or dies, which is done by placing Eden-stones on a scale. If it dies, it shall cease to exist, but if it lives, it will be placed in the Garden of Eden.

The Garden is our new world, a lush, green, beautiful place, where our new creatures roam freely and happily. Walk through that arch and join us! Be a part of 3D3N, and help us in creating a “perfect” world.