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Festival for Art Music and Creative Technology
5-8 sept. 2019  Enschede NL






Wanna Shock Your Senses?

GOGBOT festival is the annual showcase for creative technology, electronic music and contemporary art. The festival has been running since 2004 and it lasts for four days and nights. GOGBOT’s mission is to provide an inspiring platform for the most original, the most visionary and the most avant-garde artists active today. Innovation in digital creativity is key and the festival creates a sonic space for this. The festival offers a stimulating rendez-vous for artists, professionals and visitors.

GOGBOT offers a playground of convergence. Drawing participants from all over the world are presented, in order to profit from a context of active discovery. We are proud to present the outstanding talents from the Netherlands, supporting this by having the Awards for the best of art and creative technology graduates.

GOGBOT initiator PLANETART Medialab is expanding with a series of activities beyond the core festival. This includes the GOGBOT Café events, and its other annual 5 day festival, since 2014: TEC ART ROTTERDAM


Wanna shock your senses?




GOGBOT previous editions:

Future Flash 200 – From Frankenstein To Hyperbrain (2018)

Intergalactic (2017)
Post Singularity (2016)
The Internet of Things (2015)
Spaceship Earth (2014)
Sex and Technology (2013)
Internet Memes: The Selfish Gene (2012)
Googlization of Everything: Datapanic (2011)
The Singularity is near… Resistance is futile (2010)
Atompunk (2009)
Steampunk (2008)
Mediapolis (2007)